The Dog Show Superintendents Association was formed in 2002 to represent professional AKC licensed superintendents in all important matters impacting superintendents and the Dog Fancy. The Association offers its members an Association that is a fully organized group of Professional Superintendents that in many cases, can call upon more than 100 years of experience in offering services to the AKC, show giving clubs, and dog show exhibitors.


President, Bob Christiansen (MB-F)

Secretary/Treasurer, Becky Sumner (BaRay)

Executive Committee

Rau, Sleeper, Onofrio Organizations


  • To promote and defend the Sport of Showing Pure Bred Dogs as defined by the CONSTITUTION AND BY LAWS OF THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB.
  • To recognize the Rules and Regulations of the AKC to form Dog Clubs and to hold shows under those Rules of membership and/or licensing or sanctioning agreements.
  • To adhere to and abide by all Rules pertaining to Superintendents.
  • To enforce all Rules Applying to Dog Shows.
  • To assist Clubs, through contractual agreements, in preparing for and holding shows under AKC Rules.
  • To assist Clubs in site inspection and layout when requested.
  • To prepare and mail Premium Lists per the contract agreement.
  • To act as the agent of the Club, to receive, process and account for entries and their fees, bad checks, due notices, entry changes/corrections prior to closing, etc.
  • As trustee of the Club’s income from entry fees to protect large sums of money either by bond or other acceptable means.
  • To prepare acknowledgments of entry for all entered exhibitors.
  • To prepare and mail Judging Programs and acknowledgments to all entered exhibitors and appropriate Club personnel.
  • To typeset and prepare Club advertising for the show catalog.
  • To compute all prize monies offered in the premium list.
  • To prepare and process for printing show catalogs listing the individual dogs entered, ads and other required information.
  • To prepare judges’ books listing dogs to be judged.
  • To prepare appropriate armbands for exhibitors.
  • To furnish all appropriate ribbons for dogs judged.
  • To furnish all equipment necessary for the operation of the show; benching when required.


• To promote the Sport of Pure-Bred Dogs
• To conduct Business in a manner displaying the highest degree of Professional
and Ethical behavior bringing credit to the Profession and the Association.
• To diligently and honestly pursue the client’ legitimate objectives.
• To behave in a manner consistent with the stated goals of his/her organization
or employer and the Association.
• To provide fair treatment to all exhibitors.
• To handle all financial obligations in a fair, equitable and timely manner.
• To uniformly enforce AKC Rules, Regulations and Policies.
• To adhere to and abide by all Rules pertaining to Superintendents.
• To adhere to and abide by all By Laws, Operating Rules and such precepts as
incorporated into the Association.